We are working on building a privacy compliant website. This site does not use any analytics.

We do not use cookies unless strictly functional. We are trying our best to not allow third parties to track our visitors by cookies or by Java Script embeded code. It’s hard job. We might lose traffic and SEO. We have used a Word Press template. WP templates are mainly server side PHP scripts full of board cascading code built on code. We can’t even see the actual code. When using the WP admin, the templates are loaded in the back. We wanted to let make you aware that this potential risk. Help us by spreading the word. If you see anything suspicious, lets us know.

We believe our visitors deserve protection and privacy.

We want your trust. In particular, we do not use Google analytics, avoiding to share data with external third parties.

When links are posted, beware that they will take you to an external website that is hosted by a third-party provider not necessarily in your regional jurisdiction or that of DataRainbow. The company may collect, store and use information independent of DataRainbow including but not limited to IP address, browser details etc. DataRainbow has no control over the collection or use of this information. For more information on the linked sites Privacy Policy and the Lawful basis for this data collection, read their privacy notice/policy.

Most other web sites don’t actually comply with the laws relating to data protection and privacy and as such it is impossible for us to guarantee that the sites we link to will not misuse your data. We hope regulators will enforce the law against these organisations. As such please always be mindful of clicking on links to third party web sites – we would recommend that you have various tools and plugins installed on your web browser to protect you such as:

  • AdBlock Plus
  • NoScript
  • Privacy Badger

Make sure that third party cookies and pop-ups are disabled in your web browser settings. We will produce a video showing you how to do this in the near future.

This website has been built with the support and help of BayCloud.  They exceptionally provided the WordPress template and the hosting.

We are very grateful for their hosting of this website and assistance. Here is what you can find on BayCloud website :

Back in May 2011 Baycloud Systems introduced the original tool for helping websites comply with Do-Not-Track and the Data Protection and ePrivacy Directives, backed by a cost-effective and exhaustive website auditing service.

Fast track to 2017 and we are now the leading provider to multi-national companies of multi-language and multi-compliance systems, capable of actively managing the users’s terminal storage in a secure way, not only to protect website visitors’ personal data but also clearly giving them control over its collection and use.

The Baycloud Consent Platform manages the consent request process, presenting information on usage commitments and user benefits in any language, with a per-site customised user experience and ensuring their choice is continuously available. We ensure that tracking and storage consent policies are properly adhered to, with users’ consent capable of being revoked at any time and automatically after a configurable “sunset” period.

Baycloud was the first universal ePrivacy consent platform, and has, since 2011, focused on real user choice, actively managing first-party cookies and tracking third-parties. This means our technology has been honed and further developed through continuous use on thousands of major brand websites over many years, giving us an unquestioned lead in this space.

We believe that publishers and brands that respect and offer a straightforward choice to their customers will earn their trust and loyalty.